Ludmila Yakovenko

Ludmila Yakovenko

Leading makeup artist
Eyebrow specialist
Keratin eyelash lifting specialist

Experience: 8 years
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About myself:

Continue the phrase: “A good makeup artist is …” 

 The one who is attentive to details, has a sense of color, understands the client, and does not stop in their development.

For me, a good makeup artist is, first of all, a person who sincerely believes that every woman is naturally beautiful and only needs to be able to highlight it correctly. This is our skill.

The inspirational moment of my work is the bright eyes of my clients.

Universal beauty advice?

Keep makeup tools clean, do not overdo the makeup, find the perfect tone, and apply the composition so that it does not look like a mask. The main thing is naturalness. Everything should be light and clean.


  • ELLIS FAAS makeup school (Amsterdam)
  • Olga Avdeeva's Makeup School
  • Keratin eyelash lifting school Yumi Lashes (Japan)
  • School of permanent makeup ????