Marina Baturlina

Marina Baturlina

Leading doctor dermatologist-cosmetologist
Expert injecting
Hardware techniques

Experience : 20 years
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About myself:

How did you come into the sphere of the beauty-industry?

From childhood, I was interested in health and beauty, so when choosing a profession, there was no doubt – I entered the medical university. Practice in the hospital added awareness and responsibility towards the job. Having decided to get an education in the beauty industry, I passed numerous courses, seminars, and congresses on cosmetology, which gave much new knowledge. The first work, the first results, reviews of grateful patients – I realized that I had made the right choice. Today in the profession for 20 years and not going to stop. The cosmetologist must know all the latest achievements and technologies in the world of beauty and health.
Your knowledge and love for the profession are always read in your eyes. I’m sure my clients see this.

  • Donetsk National Medical University. Specialization in dermatovenerology
  • Mesotherapy and contour correction: Restylane, Teosyal, Radiese, Belotero, RRS, Uviderm
  • Hardware techniques: OxyJEt, UltraformerIII