Tatyana Kim

Tatyana Kim

Master of nail aesthetics

Experience: 16 years
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About myself:

What is the most pleasant thing about your work?

The main thing in my work is to surround each guest with attention and care. Regularly developing and honing my skills, I confidently take on the most difficult cases from the podology and are 100% confident in the result of my work. Almost 50% of my clients are business men. They need to look good, so not only a business cat, but also well-groomed hands are an integral part of their image. ”

  • Institute of Podology COSMOTRADE course "Apparatus Medical Pedicure"
  • Vlarys School “Medical Device Pedicure and Instrumental Techniques”, course “Ortonixia”
  • Plastek Training Center
  • Advanced training courses manicure Natalia Nikishin, Olga Ontipovoy Moscow
  • Nail modeling Catherine Nail Collektion Ukraine