Yana Protsenko

Yana Protsenko

Eyebrow specialist
Permanent Makeup Specialist
Keratin eyelash lifting specialist


Experience: 5 years
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About myself:

Tell us about your branded procedure “eyebrow architecture.”

The specific feature of this service is that it allows choosing the perfect shape of the eyebrows of any girl. It gives a more pronounced effect than the usual correction. In addition to removing excess hairs with tweezers, I work through the top of the eyebrows with wax or thread, removing the vellus hair. Sometimes we color the eyebrows with henna, which allows us to achieve neater and sharper lines. Henna stays on the skin for about two weeks, so this is a great way to “paint over” the gaps between the eyebrows and make them more beautiful.

Beauty advice on how to take care of the eyebrows?

It is more important to know what you should not do. Otherwise, your master will have to overcome more difficulties. The main thing is not to overdo with self-correction or not to do it at all if you are not confident in your abilities. In the intervals between procedures, do not forget to apply nourishing oils on your eyebrows and regularly comb them.

  • Keratin eyelash lifting school Yumi Lashes (Japan)
  • School of Valeria Rysina, course “Eyebrow special-ist”, course “Lamination of eyelashes”
  • School of permanent makeup of Victoria Rud’ko