The mechanism of local cryotherapy on the surface tissues of the body is the basis of the device’s action. Local cryotherapeutic effect is achieved at temperatures from 0 to -5 C.

Advantages of the method:

  1. Physiological impact on tissue structures, blood vessels and lymph ducts, muscles.
  2. The ability to carry out procedures during the period of active solar exposure and optimal combination with other types of aesthetic care: pillings, hardware cosmetology, mesotherapy.


  • restoration of tissue tightness and elasticity
  • activation of blood circulation, restoration of microcirculation
  • removal of puffiness
  • face, neck, low neckline and chest lifting
  • prevention of the emergence of genetic aging, physiological ptosis of tissues
  • preparation for deep pilling, laser polishing, plastic surgery and rehabilitation after them

The cryotherapy procedure on the VIVAX СRYO PRO device is suitable for people of any age, both in summer and in winter. Intensive course: 8-10 procedures 2 times a week.

Supporting course: 1 time in 7-10 days if necessary.


Service cost: from 1850₴