The multifunctional device from the French brand AdvancedBeauty allows you to solve a wide range of aesthetic skin problems. Patented technologies and their combinations in specially designed programs stimulate the natural physiological processes of rejuvenation and restoration of the skin. The software allows the specialist to choose the most suitable procedure from ready-made aesthetic programs for men and women, as well as work in a free menu.

The preparatory part of each protocol is ultrasonic pilling. The ultrasonic blade cleans the skin of dead cells and impurities, providing softness and radiance and opening access to the active ingredients of the main care.

Radiofrequency lifting (RF lifting) affects the deep layers of the epidermis, restoring skin firmness and elasticity. The RF maniples are equipped with a temperature sensor, with the help of which a specialist can change the temperature depending on the client’s sensations.

Sonophoresis ensures maximum reactivation of metabolic processes for smoothing tissues and restoring skin respiration, provides skin lifting, and also improves the penetration of the active components of cosmetics. In combination with luminotherapy (LED therapy), sequential ultrasound (sonophoresis) provides more noticeable results of rejuvenation.

Blue color is sedative, helps relax tissues and relieves irritation. Red has stimulating properties. Thus, we can affect vascular microcirculation and fibroblasts, activating cell regeneration.

Price: from 2000 UAH.