OXYjet oxygen therapy

OXYjet oxygen therapy

Oxygentherapy by Oxyjet Leo de lux

One of the most effective methods of oxygen therapy is presented in the Palace de Beaute salon in Kiev. OxyjetLeodeLux is a direct injection of NoraBode cosmeceutical patented products under the influence of oxygen into the deeper layers of the skin in order to gently and effectively solve aesthetic deficiencies.

The procedure is completely painless. Oxygen under a certain pressure penetrates the intercellular space through the natural corridors into the basal layers of the skin, “taking” medications with it. By acting deep in the epidermis, theproducts stimulate the regeneration of the skin. The result has a double effect: not only the necessary preparation gets into the skin, but oxygen as well, which both nourish the skin and stimulate the immune system.

The use of the OXYjet system is indicated at any age. For young skin, the device can be used with preventive means that will help protect it from premature aging and help in the fight against acne. But more often the technique is used to treat skin that has undergone age-related changes.

The only contraindication for using OXYjet is skin with chronic diseases or in the acute stage. In this case, it needs treatment. Contraindications do not apply even to injured skin, the skin after pilling or dermabrasion, as the device has a special function for sensitive skin or skin subjected to cosmetic procedures. As a result, the color is improved, wrinkles are smoothed, the production of elastin and collagen is stimulated, the skin tightness improves, the skin surface is moisturized and looks healthier. The skin is not damaged, so pain, unexpected hematomas, inflammation, rehabilitation period are excluded. To make the effect persistent and noticeable, a course of 6-8 procedures is recommended.

Price: from 2500 UAH.