Our skin is constantly exposed to adverse factors that can lead to premature aging. One of the most famous and effective methods of prevention and correction of age-related skin changes is mesotherapy and biorevitalization. This is the intracutaneous or subcutaneous injection of active substances, which allows you to create large concentrations of active ingredients in those layers of the skin where their effect will be most effective in order to solve certain aesthetic problems.

The composition of meso-cocktails varies: amino acids, vitamins, polynucleotides. Injections are carried out with the thinnest needles, so the procedures do not cause much discomfort. The course of mesotherapy procedures provides physiological restoration and maintenance of the dermis, prevention of photo- and chronoaging of the skin, improvement of skin tightness and elasticity, reduction in the severity of wrinkles, as well as a lipolytic effect. Currently, mesotherapy is actively used in trichology to combat hair loss and stimulate their growth.

The main component of biorevitalization drugs is hyaluronic acid, designed to launch a natural renewal process, stimulating the skin to produce its own collagen and elastin. This procedure, in contrast to mesotherapy, gives a more powerful regenerating, moisturizing and anti-age effect.

The course consists of 4-6 procedures, the frequency depends on the selected drug. Therefore, in-person consultation with a specialist who is able to select the best course of procedures for you is always important.