ULTRAFORMER III is a SMAS lifting without risks and a recovery period, a system of non-surgical face and body tightening, wrinkle smoothing and contouring.

Multifunctional nozzles with cartridges operating on the principle of micro- and macro-focused ultrasound provide pronounced lifting and lipolysis throughout the body.

Indications for the procedure on ULTRAFORMER:

  • Deformation and ptosis of soft tissues of the face
  • Moderate omission and overhang of the eyelids
  • Pronounced nasolabial folds
  • Descended mouth corner
  • Sagging and flabbiness of the skin of the submental area (“second chin”)
  • Wrinkles and flabbiness of the skin of the face, neck and low neckline
  • Post acne scars
  • Local fat deposits and skin atony

Ultrasound, unlike other hardware technologies, acts pointwise, forming a local controlled thermocoagulation zone. Nozzles with different ultrasound frequencies and different depths of focus allow us to achieve a three-level effect on the skin and get a more pronounced clinical effect.

Directional radiation triggers the reduction and compaction of SMAS, tissue repair, and activates the production of collagen. Thermo effect stimulates the synthesis of a new collagen matrix, the update of which is completed in 2–3 months. The duration of the effect is 1-2 years.


Service cost:

Second chin 6270₴
Eye area 7125₴
Forehead area 7125₴
Neck 12825₴
Body 1 line from 29₴